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Our Goal

At Higher Elevation we are one big family that wants to help every customer find what vibe they want. Whether you know what you want or are completely undecided, our Budtenders will find the right product for you. Our vast selection from local growers and manufactures ensure we can find what’s right for you. We pride ourselves on working with many small local growers, manufactures, and artists to lift our whole community.

Looking for something in particular?

We Have Over 150+ Craft Cannabis Products

We are a fairly large operation housing 150+ craft cannabis items with a staff of nine. We are proud to say we are owned and operated by Canna-Moms and predominantly women! The group serving you at Higher Elevation was hand picked based on a willingness to keep learning and common bond gained through the love & respect of cannabis to share within Lamoille County.

Whether you’d like to come into the store for a one on one experience with our glass experts and budtenders or you’d like to pre-order online, we look forward to helping you elevate your day.

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